Upcoming Meeting Agenda:

April 2014 NEWNC Meeting

  1. Welcome:  NEWNC President

  2. Call to order & Roll Call:  NEWNC President

  3. Meeting Protocol:  NEWNC Vice President

  4. Report from the offices of local elected officials

  5. Committee Reports:

    1. Resident Parking/Traffic Committee: Ryan Kenny  

    2. Public Safety Committee: David Marx

    3. Greenway Committee:  John Pregmon

    4. Election Committee:  Maria Lanza

  6. Ferrara’s/ Urban Cantina, 76 Salem St: Change of ownership from Vincent Ferrara to Urban Cantina/Frank Scire.  Intention is to keep the layout and hours of the restaurant the same, but change the menu to Mexican cuisine. (Licensing Board hearing date 04/16, Atty. Daniel Toscano) 

  7. 106 Prince Street, LLC: Owner of the property at 106 Prince Street has applied to the Inspectional Services Department to change the occupancy from 7 residential units to 8 residential units. (ZBA hearing date 04/22, Atty. William Ferullo)  

  8. Ida’s Restaurant/Aqua, 1-4 Mechanic Court:  Frank DePasquale is seeking zoning relief to allow for changing the residential use of the existing first floor apartment to restaurant use. The addition to the restaurant space will allow for bathrooms and handicap accessibility to the bathrooms and an additional 22 indoor seats.  His application asks to “ change the occupancy of 1-4 Mechanic Court from 7 apartments and a restaurant, use #37 to 6 apartments and a restaurant use #37 with an outdoor patio.”(attached is the remedial plan) (ZBA hearing date 04/22, William Ferullo)  

  9.  R.U.F.F., Parcel 12 :  Responsible Urbanites for Fido are seeking neighborhood support to designate Parcel 12 of the Greenway into a dog park.  (pro se)

  10. Saporo di Napoli/Rigoletto, 115 Salem St:  Seeking zoning relief to allow for the installation of restaurant kitchen equipment. (04/25/14 ZBA hearing date, Atty. Diane Modica).

  11. Announcements/Open Discussion/Comments:

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2013 - 14 Council Members

Philip Frattaroli, President
John Pregmon, Vice President
Toni Gilardi
Ryan Kenny
Maria Lanza
David Marx
Jorge Mendoza
Gennaro Riccio
Marie Simboli
Anne Devlin Tagliaferro
Ralph Verrocchi


NEWNC Elections are fast approaching!  Our annual election will be held on May 17th from 10-2 at the Nazzaro Center

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