North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council

June 8th, 2015 Meeting Minutes

  1. Welcome: President Philip Frattaroli calls meeting into order at 7PM

  2. Call to Order and Roll Call: Philip Frattaroli, John Pregmon, Maria Lanza, Jessica Dello Russo, Carmine Guarino, Sean Hennessey, Ryan Kenny, Jorge Mendoza, Marie Simboli, Anne Devlin Tagliaferro, Ralph Verrocchi

  3. Meeting Protocol: Newly appointed NEWNC Vice President, Ryan Kenny reads off the meeting protocol

  4. Committee Reports:

    1. Resident Parking/Traffic Committee:

      1. Ryan Kenny announces that there is nothing new to report

    2. Public Safety Committee:

      1. Maria Lanza reports that crime has gone down 27% in the past year. There was an aggravated assault on Endicott St. in which an apartment was broken into and drugs/cash were removed from the unit.

    3. Greenway Committee:

      1. Newly appointed NEWNC Secretary John Pregmon, announces that for all news, updates, and upcoming events, North End Residents to go to

        1. Events and activities such as boot camps, other workout groups farmer’s markets, etc. will be taking place.

    4. Election Committee:

      1. Anne Devlin Tagliaferro announces the results from last month’s election. She congratulates Maria, Jorge, Philip, Carmine, Ralph, and Sean on winning the six available seats. NEWNC also recognizes the service to the North End from former member David Marx as well as Luigi and Alessandra for running in the 2015 NEWNC Election.

      2. Maria Lanza (223), Jorge Mendoza (159), Philip Frattaroli (152), Carmine Guarino (149), Ralph Verrocchi (144), Sean Hennessey (136), Luigi Natale (132), David Marx (123), Alessandra Susi (110).

  5. Reports from the Offices of Local Elected Officials

    1. Newly appointed North End/Waterfront/West End Neighborhood Representative, Maria Lanza has nothing new to report.

    2. Tom McKay from the Mayor’s Office has nothing new to report.

  6. 290 North Street, Patricia Muse and Leo Caruso: Petitioner withdrawing petition to change occupancy from a single unit to six residential units, renovate and expand into basement (pro se).

    1. Petition withdrawn due to lack of support from abutters.

  7. 278 Hanover Street, Trattoria Il Panino Hanover Inc: Following the sale of Cafe Pompeii to Trattoria Il Panino Hanover Inc. Petitioner seeking approval of three license transfers. The first is the purchase of a Wine and Malt with Cordial license (2:00 AM) from FP Cafe, LLC to Il Panino Hanover. The second is the transfer of that License to V-Lounge, Inc. an establishment outside of the North End and third, concurrent to the second transaction, the transfer of V-Lounge, Inc.’s All Alcohol License to 278 Hanover Street. (Atty. William Ferullo, Licensing Board hearing June 17).

    1. Atty. Ferullo introduces petitioner Frank Depasquale to the council. The restaurateur currently operates five restaurants in the North End. They are in the midst of purchasing the 2 AM malt/wine and cordial license from Cafe Pompeii (including 4 AM food license). They also request to transfer their all alcohol license from Splash to Pompeii; the license from Pompeii will in turn transfer to Splash. It is not planned to remain open until 4 AM every day all year around, rather the hours will be determined by season and day of the week (open later in summers and weekends). To prevent double parking violations on Hanover Street, they have requested a police detail. The restaurant will no longer consist of late night small service options such as pizza by the slice, etc. They plan to serve whole pies and meals as is done in other establishments such as Bricco, which will cut down on the late night disturbances from people coming into the North End.

    2. Council Questions/Comments

      1. Philip Frattarroli addresses the concern that they may not be able to guarantee a police detail, and asks if there is a proposed change to the name and concept yet.

        1. Atty. Ferullo states that they are optimistic about the filling of the detail because it is a fairly simple detail that officers would be more than willing to take it on. Frank Depasquale states that he would like to keep with the Il Panino concept and that he cares about the North End very much. The name and concept will stay consistent and true to the North End.

      2. Sean Hennessey recognizes that an all liquor license which is going to be transferred over to Cafe Pompeii is much more different than a malt/wine and cordial license that is currently there.

        1. Correct, but this will allow our guests to come in and order a drink from the bar in the back of the restaurant without having to order food.

      3. Carmine Guarino asks if this the latest place open with this license in the North End

        1. No, Bricco already has one

      4. John Pregmon asks if this will be a late night spot for people in Boston, and will there be a valet?

        1. There will be no valet, and they hope to minimize it as a late night destination and encourage people to come in and enjoy a good meal.

      5. Ralph Verrocchi asks whether or not people have to leave at exactly 4 AM or will they stop seating at that time.

        1. They will stop seating around 3 AM so that the kitchen can close and they can shut down by 4 AM.

      6. Anne Devlin Tagliaferro asks if they will keep the restaurant space divided in two sections

        1. Yes the middle wall is a support wall and they will most likely have to keep it.

    3. Audience Questions/Comments

      1. Multiple residents of the North End announce their support for Frank Depasquale and appreciate all that he has done and has contributed to the North End and it’s residents.

      2. Ford Cavalleri is concerned that with the addition of this late night license, down the road a larger venture may look to purchase this space and use it to establish a new late night destination on Hanover Street.

        1. His reputation and actions speak for himself, and he would not plan or intend on doing that with this business.

    4. Unanimously supported: Jorge Mendoza, John Pregmon, Ralph Verrocchi, Carmine Guarino, Marie Simboli, Sean Hennessey, Anne Devlin Tagliaferro, Jessica Dello Russo, Maria Lanza

  8. 3-5 Quincy Court, City Realty Group, LLC: Petitioner seeking zoning relief to change occupancy to six family, add a one story addition (fourth floor), and add living space in the basement. (Atty. Daniel Toscano, ZBA hearing date July 7).

    1. Located next to Ricardos and with Limoncello to the back, the petitioner is looking to increase the legal occupancy to six residential units. The building is currently vacant and has been abandoned for many years. The property was acquired to put it to beneficial use. The petitioner is looking to beautify the property and add additional living space into the basement, which would consist of lifting the ceilings to 47’ in height as opposed to the 37’ that it is at currently. The petitioner has held half a dozen meetings with the abutters so that they may be able to compromise upon this project. They have made such modifications such as coming down to ten bedrooms from the sixteen bedrooms they had originally proposed and by now offering a two bedroom duplex on the first floor in units one and two with one bath and then in units five and six, having another two bedroom duplex with one and a half baths. They have also eliminated the idea of having windows on the extra story, and have set the extra story back two and a half feet from the neighboring property. There will be no roof deck in the new proposal and the only windows on the top floor will face out into the dog park (no windows facing into neighboring building). Skylights will provide all natural lighting into the unit. To address the trash issues, the owners have promised to put large, visible signs up explaining the trash rules of the city in the building. With 450 square feet per floor, this new plan will be more appealing to long term tenants rather than disturbing neighbors such as college students. After a shadow test the addition to the building will not make any drastic changes to the shadow effect in the area.

    2. Council Questions/Comments

      1. Philip Frattaroli asks to make sure that the building will be fully sprinkled.

        1. Yes, they will be installing a brand new sprinkler system to ensure the safety of the building.

      2. Jorge Mendoza asks to clarify to all of the abutters that people are married to the property around them when they acquire property. The building has always been there, even when they purchased their units. He reflects on personal experience with a fire in an abandoned building next to his place of residency on Stillman Place, insisting that property needs owners and that abandoned buildings are dangerous to the community.

      3. John Pregmon recalls that the biggest issue when this was brought in front of NEWNC two months ago, was that there were windows on the addition and now that they are solved there should be more of an agreement.

      4. Anne Devlin Tagliaferro asks for clarification about three bedrooms and multiple baths in units.

        1. Eliminated the baths and reduced bedrooms.

      5. Ryan Kenny asks why the abutters did not sign the memorandum of understanding.

        1. Still plan on meeting plan of request from abutters.

    3. Audience Questions/Comments

      1. Resident asks that NEWNC considers the zoning laws and laws regarding this issue and that the petitioners must stay within that law.

      2. Vivian Hennessey states that the proximity of the addition to the building is too close. The addition is still too close from her balcony and the roof of neighboring property to where intruders still have access to their property.

      3. Sean Hennessey (after recusing himself from this issue on the Council) speaks as a resident that the floor area ratio (FAR) has still increased drastically from 3.3 to 3.9 which increases the maximum capacity to the unit which has been unoccupied for so many years. The increase of habitation into the basement will create a density issue.

      4. Susan Montgomery expresses her concern with the impact of the changes that will come to the neighborhood as result. Trash pick up and fire safety such as fire escapes access, parking and then the noise disturbances will all be creating issues for the neighborhood in that area.

      5. Jeff (Resident) asks how many people will there be per unit.

        1. Altogether between the basement and the addition we are looking at a max of 22 tenants, no more than that.

      6. Donna Sherray states that they do not need the fourth floor. If it is a matter of financial needs and concern to build the addition, that is the property owner’s problem. They need to stay within the law.

    4. Voting:

      1. Sean Hennessey recused himself. 

      2. Support: Ralph Verrocchi, Jessica Dello Russo, John Pregmon, Maria Lanza, Jorge Mendoza

      3. Oppose: Ryan Kenny, Carmine Guarino, Marie Simboli, Anne Devlin Tagliaferro

        1. esults: Supported 5-4

  9. 417 Hanover St., NE-417 LLC: Confirm the legal occupancy to eight units and restaurant (Atty. Daniel Toscano, ZBA hearing date July 7).

    1. In November 2014 they purchased a certification of occupancy which did not reflect the occupancy of the building, hence they will need to be changing the legal occupancy. The work has already been done to make the legal occupancy in this building correct, it is simply just the certification that they need to legalize the premises. It is fully sprinkled and has no roof deck.

    2. Council Questions/Comments

      1. Philip Frattaroli asks what the current occupancy is

        1. There is no current legal occupancy which is why the legal change is necessary and the petitioner is going through this process.

      2. Audience Questions/Comments

        1. None.

  10. Announcements

    1. NEWNC Secretary John Pregmon reads off the votes from the meeting.

      1. 10-0 in favor of the license transfer for Cafe Pompeii

      2. 5-4 in favor of the addition, living space in basement, and change in occupancy to 3-5 Quincy Court.

      3. 10-0 in favor of the occupancy for 417 Hanover Street

    2. Maria Lanza announces that she will no longer serve on NEWNC as she has taken a new position within Mayor Walsh’s Office as the North End/Waterfront/West End Neighborhood Liaison. She thanks all of those who had voted for her in the upcoming election

      1. Marie Simboli will become NEWNC Sergeant of Arms

      2. John Pregmon will become NEWNC Secretary

      3. Ryan Kenny will become NEWNC Vice President

      4. Philip Frattaroli will remain NEWNC President

North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council

Monday, June 8, 2015, 7:00PM
Nazzaro Center, 30 North Bennet Street

1.   Welcome:  NEWNC President

2.   Call to order & Roll Call:  NEWNC President

3.   Meeting Protocol:  NEWNC Vice President

4.   Committee Reports:

        a. Resident Parking/Traffic Committee: Ryan Kenny

        b. Public Safety Committee:  Maria Lanza

 c. Greenway Committee:  John Pregmon

        d.   Election Committee: Anne Devlin Tagliaferro

5.   Reports from the Offices of Local Elected Officials

6.   278 Hanover Street, Trattoria Il Panino Hanover Inc.,:  Following the sale of Café Pompeii to Trattoria Il Panino Hanover Inc., DePasquale Ventures seeking approval of three license transfers.  The first is the purchase of a Wine and Malts with Cordial license (2:00 AM) from FP Café, LLC to Il Panino Hanover.  The second is the transfer of that License to V-Lounge, Inc.  an establishment outside of the North End and third, concurrent to the second transaction, the transfer of V-Lounge, Inc.’s All Alcohol License to 278 Hanover St.  (Atty. William Ferullo, Licensing Board hearing June 17).

7.   3-5 Quincy Court, City Realty Group, LLC:  Petitioner seeking zoning relief to change occupancy to six family, add one story addition (4th floor) and roof decks, build new apartment floors and add basement.  (Atty. Daniel Toscano, ZBA date t.b.d.).

8.   417 Hanover St.:  Confirm the legal occupancy to 8 units and restaurant (Daniel Toscano, ZBA tbd).’

9.   290 North Street, Patricia Muse and Leo Caruso:  Petitioner seeking zoning relief to change occupancy from a single unit to 6 residential units, renovate and expand into basement.  (Atty. William Ferullo, ZBA date t.b.d.).

10.   Announcements/Open Discussion/Comments

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2015 - 16 Council Members

Philip Frattaroli, President
Ryan Kenny, Vice President
John Pregmon, Secretary
Marie Simboli, Sargent at Arms
Jessica Dello Russo
Carmine Guarino
Sean Hennessey
Ryan Kenny
Jorge Mendoza
Gennaro Riccio
Anne Devlin Tagliaferro
Ralph Verrocchi


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